Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

When referring my clients for medication management, I seek qualified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNP). A nurse practitioner is a partner in your health who has advanced training and education in the field of psychiatry. In addition, they are board certified in psychiatric medicine. Most importantly, they focus on what has meaning to you in your life, as well as your health, desires, and goals. The purpose of the nurse practitioner is to help prevent disease and not just treat symptoms. Using a combination of:

  • lifestyle changes,

  • nutrition,

  • genetics,

  • testing, and

  • sometimes medications.

I highly recommend Christina Pike, ARNP, to my clients looking for a psychiatric consultation.

Christina Pike is located at VILLAGE MEDICINE, 4426 Burke Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103, (206) 919-0175

Christina’s Philosophy of Medicine

Christina Pike has her RN and Masters in Nursing University of Washington School of Nursing, and is a board certified family psychiatric nurse practitioner. She believes large portions of psychiatric complaints are a manifestation of illness in the body, poor diet, stress, or any combination of the aforementioned causes. She has spent more than a decade researching the connection between the gut and the brain and realizes the intricate pathways affected by what we consume. Furthermore, the standard American diet is potentially a beacon for psychiatric disease as it destroys the body through inflammation. This inflammation in conjunction with genetics manifests as depression, eating disorders, anxiety, etc. Christina uses a combination of herbs, vitamins, diet, and medication to help alleviate psychiatric symptoms. She understands that you are a unique person with specific medical and life goals. She creates individualized plans that include a combination of treatment strategies supporting your body’s innate capacity for healing.